Our skin is a prime protector of our body. It does not just guard against vagaries of weather and pollution, but helps in detoxification as well. Our Vedic understanding clearly establishes that for its health and shine, the skin responds best to the ingredients that come directly from the earth, or say naturally, rather than to synthetic formulations or chemicals. But when we subject our skin & hair to commercially produced beauty products or to highly-branded skin & hair care products, made of toxic chemicals, synthetic colours, artificial fragrances, low class preservatives, it may be smothered for short time, but in long term, may basically tend to reject those unknown assailants, causing acne, rashes, wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, and a host of other medical skin ssue.

Alternatively, what if one can simply apply Shea Butter, cocoa butter or mango butter mixed with an essential oil or two, added with organic cold pressed oils and fruit or herb extracts ; and use as regular skin care product to resolve just about any skin issue? Well, you can !

Based on the findings and understanding of Skin vis-à-vis effects of natural ingredients, we have taken the mission to offer HAND CRAFTED Skin Care products to keep your skin nature friendly and healthy. Our products have no medical application, and are free from paraben and SLS. If you try them, we promise it will become a habit with you !